This combination image shows two posts circulating on social media, both of which police believe to be a hoax. Tell all of your female friends and family this is happening here in Northgate. Not somewhere else, here! But the person who posted it wrote that it wasn't her story; she'd copied and pasted it from elsewhere. A screen grab of the Facebook post was being shared on Instagram with the message, "Please read and share!

A second story being shared online shows the handles of two vehicles connected with links made by zip ties.

Are Sex Traffickers Leaving Zip Ties on Cars, Mailboxes of Potential Victims?

The Instagram post, which has been published under several usernames, claims it's a "contraption" sex traffickers are using to "trick females. They are quickly forced into another vehicle never to be seen again by their people. Posters are using the hashtag "stayalert," and many say the incident occurred at the Northgate Mall. Some of the posts, however, do not include a location, and imply that the incident happened near where the poster is located.

The EPS said they'd fielded questions about the posts, but have not received any reports of it actually happening in the city. If you do have a concern or wish to report suspicious activity, please call our non-emergency line at or come in to a station," the service wrote.

Officers were aware of the posts, but have not been able to find any report, investigation or complaint made in the Metro Vancouver city. The detachment said the same information outlined in the post has been circulated in the U. Media organizations south of the border who've reported on similar posts also found them to be fake. As such, they believe it's a hoax. Related Stories Social media photo is not B. Separating fact from fiction on the Momo Challenge.

Story of a dog found with a slit throat and duct-taped muzzle actually a hoax: police. Costco warns of fake coupon 'scam' circulating on social media. EMT gives emotional insight of frontline amid pandemic.

Three babies abandoned years apart turn out to be siblings.Every so often, a new car will come out with fancy, seemingly new technology that, in reality, was already attempted in the '30s, '40s, or '50s.

zip tie on car door handle

Take the push-button door handles from the Lincoln Zephyrs of the s and '40s for instance. Perhaps the technology and the consumer from those eras simply weren't ready for the ideas and the design failed.

Nevertheless, this technology has resurfaced as a desirable retrofit into classics.

Zip ties on cars not linked to sex trafficking, police said

Instead of the traditional twist-style handles, Lincoln used a simple push button to operate the latch much like the thumb button on most cars without the handlewith a heavy spring in the doorjamb to push the door open.

Today, these buttons are used on traditional custom builds, but rarely seen on anything newer than As the adage goes, everything is new again, so when it came to door handles on Red Dirt Rodz '62 Mercury Comet wagon, they knew what needed to be done.

Unlike the Lincoln buttons, which have a ribbed escutcheon that stands out, the buttons on the Comet are flush, matching the curve of the door.

This was done to give the wagon a sleek, shaved-handle appearance, without the inherent issues of shaved handles. Because this car was built to spend time on a road course, shaved handles are not the safest idea. The buttons eliminate the issue of opening a door without electricity, while still maintaining the shaved look.

In fact, it is hard to detect the buttons unless you are looking at the door straight on. The process used to build these buttons is quite simple, with only a few components required. The hardest step is to fabricate is the button. We used a piece of billet aluminum bar stock and turned it down on the lathe, a process any local machine shop can perform.

The button pocket was made from 1.

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The aluminum pucks were turned to 1. The other parts you need are 3. The bolts are used to center the buttons in the pocket and to operate the door latch, and the nuts are welded to the outside of the pocket and drilled out to act as a bushing.

Because the buttons will be contoured to match the body, we used No.

Integrated quality management system definition

This also gives you the ability to adjust how far in or out the button sits in the pocket. These functions are critical for the proper function of the button. Tools required for this project include a welder, drill, die grinder with a fine-tooth carbide burr, handtools, belt sander, and a vise. If you do not have a lathe handy, visit a local machine shop to help turn the bar stock. The Comet is a four-door, and the front door latches lined up with the original handle hole perfectly.

However, the rear doors used an offset lever on the handle, so to make the buttons work we welded an extension the rear door latch mechanism. This took a little patience to get it just right, but the added length worked out pretty well in the end. The most frustrating part of fabricating the buttons is adjusting them to operate smoothly without binding, and popping back out when the latch is released.

Once everything was set, the latch bolt and alignment screw were set with medium thread locker to ensure they did not come out of adjustment.

The new buttons operate smooth, give the Comet a sleek look, and still function via a keyless entry system. Jefferson Bryant Writer, Photographer.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.Here are our top 10 favorite tricks for breaking into and out of nearly any locked down environment. Breaking into many types of electronic safes you know, ones with keypads is surprisingly easy. You just need to bounce them. This works because many cheaper safes have locks that lift. Got a garage? Just stick a long metal wire with a hook on the end through the door to grab the garage door latch and force it to lift the door open.

You can get back into your garage in seconds with this trick. See the video to the left for a demonstration. Next, pull the rubber band down to the door handle. Shut the door and open it again and the door handle will pull the sliding lock out of place. Read more here.

Home Security: Protecting Against Garage Door Break-Ins — A Favorite Entry-point for Thieves

Perhaps you decided to drive your car into the ocean. Your best bet for breaking free is breaking the window with a device called a center punch. Just aim for the hinges, rather than the middle, and you should find success with a little luck and sufficient force.

Because pretty much every trunk lock has a hook latch, you just have to locate the lock cylinder connected to latch mechanism and use it to release the latch. Many cars have internal releases, however, so you can generally get out by just pushing a button. Tied up and bound? No problem.

Pantsuit vs jumpsuit

To break out of zip ties you just have to slam your bound fists against your butt and pull them apart. Getting out of handcuffs requires a little extra work, in that you need something called a survival strap that has a clasp doubling as a handcuff key. Your files are easily accessible with just a Linux Live CD and there are plenty of other methods, like brute-force attacks, that can provide unwanted access, so learn all about it and keep your data safe.

Did you lock your keys in your car again?As fast as it took for you to count to 6, a burglar can break into your garage. We were stunned by the video we found on YouTube showing how quickly someone armed only with a wire hanger can maneuver the wire through the door and hook the emergency release lever on the other side.

Burglars, standing outside your garage, have figured out a way to use the hanger to pull down the release or to hook the red string that dangles from the lever. Once it is released, the garage door can be opened by hand from the outside. Shannon Hartley with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says residential burglaries are a problem here in Jacksonville.

He says there is no way of knowing how many of them involve the wire method, but says in the last 12 months there have been burglaries, during which the crook entered through a garage door or a front porch. There are a few businesses that sell garage locking systems that prevent these kind of break-ins. We talked with the creator of the Elocksys Garage Door Lock. He recorded the video of how quickly a burglar can break into a garage door.

He says people need to know how fast it can happen so they can protect themselves. The garage door lock system he sells allows a homeowner to deadbolt their garage via remote each time they leave the house.

How to Fabricate Push-Button Door Handles

We found an inexpensive way to prevent this type of break-in. You can use a zip tie to fasten the emergency release lever to the garage door track to prevent it from being pulled open.

Catherine Payne with the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office tells us burglars will often look for garage door openers inside cars parked outside homes. They will break into the cars to get the openers knowing few people remember to lock the door that leads from the garage into their house.

This gives burglars easy access to your valuables. Her suggestion is to always lock this door. Another tip, JSO Sgt. Hartley says when he worked in burglary, he was able to return many more stolen items if the victim had given him the serial number of the items that were stolen or if they had left a distinguishing mark on the item.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A little humor is a good thing once and a while. They say that laughter is the best medicine well as long as you weren't the victim in these pranks.

We love joking around and now-a-days we all could use a good laugh. So we scoured the Internet looking for a few good ones to share with you. We do not endorse these pranks in any way and you may be subject to retaliation at the very least if you and your pals are ornery enough.

Some of these may even be grounds for legal action so pranksters beware. In the mean time we hope you get a few good laughs out of this blog post After tying the fishing line to the one handle, tie the other end of the fishing line to the drivers door.

Be sure to make the line taught so it's not visible at a glance. Some things are better off left unseen, like placing Vaseline or some other slippery oily concoction behind the boor handles on your unsuspecting victim. I almost broke out in tears laughing and reminiscing about my childhood when I used to put baseball cards in my bicycle spokes to make it sound like a motorcycle. It was way cool in the 70's and 80's too. With this prank you simulate the noise with a simple zip tie.

Imagine having a car that quacks like a duck. Well maybe not you but your friends can All it takes is a roll of duct tape and the right whistle If this isn't enough comedy for you what about having a rolling ball pit?

This prank is harmless and has is a lot of fun for the unsuspecting individual as well as the practical joker.

zip tie on car door handle

I prefer this clean up vs. Sometimes life can be interesting and you can get into a sticky situation much like the individual who owns this brightly colored ride. You have a great idea so go ahead and stick with it. I think pulling off this first prank in any city would be hilarious. These are some pranksters extraordinaire for sure. Well it's official, we are a bunch of fun loving pranksters too. Getting a good laugh is all part of a hard days work.

Saran wrapping our newest employees car and turning it into the largest birthday card we've ever seen was an absolute treat.Thieves know it, but not many home owners know how easy it is to gain access into a home through a traditional garage door.

The second that garage door closes, most home owners mistakenly assume that their home is secure, protected from the bad guys. One of the weakest points of your garage door is the opener itself.

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The problem with these emergency door releases is most criminals know how to use them to their advantage. By simply running a wire through the top of your garage door — in the same way thieves used to jimmy old car locks with a Slim Jim — a thief can easily pull the emergency release and gain entry into your home in seconds.

Simply running a Zip Tie through the holes in your emergency release switch will make it almost impossible for a thief to use the jimmy method. Keep in mind that the zip tie should only be used when you are going on vacation. I probably would not keep it on there when actually in the home, because during an emergency situation where you need to quickly evacuate having it on the emergency release could be dangerous.

The Lever slides right through the garage door track, making it almost impossible for the door to be raised once the lock is engaged. The only downside to this solution is it takes a bit longer to pull them on and off, so again this is only a solution for when going on vacation.

The actual Vacation Lock is a good permanent solution that keeps quick evacuations in mind. Criminals are looking for easy targets where they can quickly get away without being noticed; because of this they are often on the lookout for home security systems and cameras.

While a full video surveillance system is always your best bet, even installing some fake dummy cameras can be an effective deterrent.

Check out some of these cheap Fake Security Cameras. While it will require you to do some drilling into your garage floor, once installed this thing is pretty hard to beat. Thank you so much for sharing this. I just went out and shoved a screwdriver through the track until I get the vacation lock. I also had no idea it was this easy and we leave our door open a few inches for the cats. I will be rethinking my security situation and am definitely looking at a new vacation lock.

One aspect missing from this article is that most garages have a side door that opens to the outside. Contractors inevitably use a hollow core door for this exit point, not to mention a most inexpensive doorknob with a simple push in and turn locking mechanism. Additionally one should add a heavy steel screen door that mounts onto the outside of all exterior doors, thus preventing any door being kicked in.

By drilling a small hole through the door and inserting the hook the crooks can simply disengage the emergency release.

zip tie on car door handle

This method was in use almost 15 years ago. Also examine your own garage closer. The operating mechanism on my is covered by the manufacturer. Making it more difficult to open from the outside.Owners complain about vibration and transmission failure related to the CVT Continuously Variable Transmissiona whining noise from the power steering pumpand constant windshield problems that appear to be the result of poor design.

This is ridiculous. Nissan should not make a part out plastic especially when it gets used significantly! This is the fleecing of America again! I found a u-tube video that shows how to drill a hole and use a zip tie to hold the ball that is at the end of the cable in place. You will need another person to help you. Good Luck. Update from Jun 12, : Door latch on the passenger side has now broke as well.

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One would think that a part that gets used multiple times a day should be made out of metal! Nice job Nissan. This is the third time the door broke, three different doors, three different people opening them. First time it was fixed under warranty. Now I have to pay to fix the other two. This needs to be a recall. How about if you need to exit the car in an emergency??? The interior door handle is broken and I have to, embarrassingly, roll down my door window and reach around to the exterior door handle to let myself out of my own car.

I only have 2 functioning car doors. What a joke. Do you have any idea how much it sucks and how embarrassing it is to have to roll down the window to let yourself out of your own car!!?

Wait, yes, a lot of you do, sadly. Are you kidding me? Absolutely ridiculous.